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 BioSweep of W. Carolina Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the BioSweep odor removal technology system work?
A: BioSweep of West Carolina utilizes our proprietary equipment for surface decontamination and odor, germ and bacteria removal. Our treatment deploys a proven technology called photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) to produce simultaneous, interrelated forms of oxidation to eradicate airborne organic contaminants.  A complicated way of saying we can eradicate any organic odors or allergens from your home, car, RV, boat, etc.

Q: What are the primary uses for BioSweep?
A: The BioSweep treatment is primarily used for odor removal and air and surface decontamination in enclosed spaces. Virtually any odor or contaminant can be completely eliminated with BioSweep. Additionally, our Surface Defense treatment provides long-lasting antibacterial protection. (See Surface Defense FAQs below for additional details)

Q: Can you remove cooking odors from a home?
A: Yes, our treatment is the only process that removes virtually any sort of cooking odors, such as curry or seafood, from a home or restaurant. 

Q: We had an animal die in our home. Can you treat that smell?
A: Yes, any organic smell, including those of deceased animals or human waste, can be treated with our treatment process. In order to eliminate the odor, the original cause of the odor and any remaining organic material must be first removed prior to treatment.

Q: Can BioSweep treat odors and smells in cars, RVs, buses, limos and boats?
A: Yes, the BioSweep treatment is highly effective in treating odors inside vehicles, mobile homes, boats, buses and limousines. Our treatment can remove any odors such as cigarette smoke, mildew smell, pet odor, body odor, and more.

Q: Can the BioSweep treatment kill mold?
A: After the existing mold has been physically removed, residual particles and spores often remain. The BioSweep treatment can eradicate any remaining particles in the air and on surrounding surfaces. Following treatment, we can also apply additional long-lasting anti-microbial treatment to provide an ongoing bacterial shield to deter mold from returning.

Q: Can BioSweep of Of West Carolina get rid of animal odors?
A: Yes, BioSweep treatment eradicates most animal odors including dog or cat urine and skunk odor. 

Q: My clothes and furniture smell after a smoke fire in my home. Can BioSweep remove these smells from my clothes and furniture?
A: Yes, our treatment is perfect for contents restoration after a fire disaster. If clothes or cloth furniture have lingering odors due to smoke, the BioSweep treatment can remove them usually in one treatment. 

Q: Can BioSweep remove fuel spill odors?
A: Yes, our treatment is very effective at removing the residual odor effects of toxic fumes associated with gasoline and diesel fuel spills. 

Q: Does the BioSweep equipment use any chemicals?
A: No, BioSweep treatment equipment does not use any chemicals – simply the existing oxygen and hydrogen in the air! BioSweep and Surface Defense treatment are 100% environmentally safe!

Q: Will the BioSweep system bleach upholstery or harm fabrics?
A: No, the our treatment is completely compatible with virtually all common materials. 

Q: How long will it take BioSweep of Of West Carolina to treat an area?
A: BioSweep of West Carolina can treat most indoor environments within 3 – 12 hrs. depending upon several factors. Most vehicles can be easily treated within 2 hours. Most homes can be treated in 12 hours or less, depending on square footage. Houses larger than 2000 sq. ft. can take up to 24 hours.

Q: Do BioSweep of Of West Carolina’s services come with a warranty or guarantee?
A: Yes, all of our service applications come with a 14-Day Guarantee. We guarantee removal of the existing odor. However, we cannot guarantee odor removal if the customer continues to participate in activities that cause the offending odor & has used a sealant/paint before treatment. Highly porous items such as mattresses and sofas sometimes need multiple treatments. Please call us today for a free estimate! Your satisfaction is our goal. If we don't get it right the first time we come back a second time for free.

Q: How soon after the BioSweep treatment can I re-enter the treated area?
A: Most treatment areas can be safely re-entered within 1 hour after completion.

Q: Can the BioSweep system be operated with people or pets in the room?
A: No. BioSweep machines can ONLY be safely operated in vacant or unoccupied spaces. BioSweep CANNOT be operated when humans, plants or pets are present.

Q: Is BioSweep treatment an ozone generator?
A: No, BioSweep treatment is not considered an ozone generator. The units produce purified oxygen and hydrogen peroxide within the treatment chamber. These oxyradicals are exported from the air filtration units to attack contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces. These units are at least TEN TIMES more powerful than most commercial ozone generators. 

Q: How do I get cigarette smoke smell or odor out of my car, condo, furniture, apartment, house, boat or RV?   A: Call BioSweep of Of West Carolina Odor removal for a free estimate on all your smoke odors. We have the best and fastest solution to help with your worst smoke smell situation.                                                                             

Q: How do I get pet urine smell or odor out of my car, house, furniture, apartment, condo or RV ?                              A: Call BioSweep of Of West Carolina Odor removal for a free estimate on  your worst pet odor problem. We can help!

Q: How do I get curry smell or odor out of my car, house, apartment, condo or RV?                                                          A: Call BioSweep of Of West Carolina Odor removal for a free estimate on curry odor removal and all other cooking odors. We are curry odor removal specialists, we can help, and we guarantee it!                                                                              

Q: Does the BioSweep treatment process ever fail?
A: Usually when an odor returns there are unknown factors surrounding the origination or location of the smell. Carpet padding, air filters and other sponge-type porous material are the primary factors for odors reoccurring. Our technicians are highly trained to identify these possible odor traps so permanent odor removal can be achieved. If despite our best efforts, the odor we treated for is not removed or returns within 72 hours, we will make suggestions and changes to improve upon the outcome and treat the area again.

There are sometimes extreme circumstances where complete and total removal of an odor cannot be achieved without removal of carpet, removal or replacement of porous surfaces including wood, foam padding and drywall. Your technician will address this type of situation with you prior to treatment so that you may realistically plan to achieve the desired result.

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